1. Maintenance Agreement

Security Maintenance Plans. We’re here to help. We Provide complete Security Solution both Commercial & Residential.

Reasons to Trust us:

    1. Quick response when you need it
    2. Proactive Monitoring, “24×7” 365 days a year
    3. We stop problems before they begin
    4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    5. We take ownership of your security issues.
    6. Staff training/monitoring
    7. We support both on premise and cloud solutions.

2. On call Services

Our company has been built on passion to prevent crime through security Devices. We have taken a proactive stance as opposed to just being reactive to security threats to our clients.

  1. Engineers are easily reached during agreed times
  2. Troubleshooting can take place quickly over the phone
  3. Saves on costs and time by avoiding site visit
  4. Remote connection can provide more troubleshooting