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Analogue Addressable Smoke detector

Country of Origin: GERMANY




  • Highly reliable and accurate thanks to Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP)


  • Earliest detection of lightest smoke with dual-optical versions (Dual-Ray technology)


  • Monitors environment for electromagnetic influence for fast root-cause analysis


  • Automatic and manual address setting




Sensor technology and signal processing

The individual sensors can be configured in the FSP-5000-RPS programming software.

All sensor signals are analysed continuously by the internal evaluation electronics (ISP – Intelligent Signal Processing) and are linked with each other via an inbuilt microprocessor. The link between the sensors means that the combined detectors can also be used where light smoke, steam or dust must be expected during the course of normal operation.

Only if the signal combination corresponds to the characteristics of the application site, selected during the programming, the alarm is triggered automatically. This results in less false alarms.

In addition, the time of the sensor signals on fire and fault detection is analysed, which leads to high detection reliability for each individual sensor.

In the case of the optical and chemical sensor, the response threshold (drift compensation) is actively adjusted. Manual or time-controlled switch-off of individual sensors is possible for adjustment to extreme interference factors.

Optical sensor (smoke sensor)

The optical sensor uses the scattered-light method. An LED transmits light to the measuring chamber, where it is absorbed by the labyrinth structure. In the event of a fire, smoke enters the measuring chamber and the smoke particles scatter the light from the LED. The amount of light hitting the photo diode is converted into a proportional electrical signal.

The dual-optical versions use two optical sensors with different wavelengths. The Dual-Ray technology works with an infrared and a blue LED so that lightest smoke is detected fast and reliably (TF1 and TF9 detection).

Thermal sensor (temperature sensor)

A thermistor in a resistance network is used as a thermal sensor from which an analog-digital converter measures the temperature-dependent voltage at regular intervals.

Depending on the specified detector class, the temperature sensor triggers the alarm status when the maximum temperature of 54 °C or 69 °C is exceeded


Technical specifications




Operating voltage 15 V DC to 33 V DC
Current consumption < 0.55 mA
Alarm output Per data word by two-wire
      signal line
Indicator output Open collector connects 0 V
      over 1.5 kΩ through, max.
      15 mA
Without base   Ø 99.5 x 52 mm
With base   Ø 120 x 63.5 mm
Material   Plastic, ABS (Novodur)
Color   White, similar to RAL 9010,
      matt finish
Weight     Without / With packaging
FAP-425-DOTC-R   Approx. 85 g / Approx. 130 g
•  FAP-425-DO-R, Approx. 80 g / Approx. 120 g
•  FAP-425-O-R, Approx. 80 g / Approx. 120 g
FAP-425-O, FAP-425-OT Approx. 75 g / Approx. 115 g
Environmental conditions  
Permissible operating temperature  
•  FAP-425-DOTC-R -10°C to +50°C
•  FAP-425-DOT-R, -20°C to +50°C
•  FAP-425-DO-R, -20°C to +65°C
Permissible storage temperature  
•  FAP-425-DOTC-R -20°C to +50 °C
•  All versions (except for -25°C to +80°C
Permissible relative humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Permissible air speed 20 m/s.
Degree of protection (IEC 60529) IP41 ,
    IP43 with detector base and
    FAA-420-SEAL or MSC 420
Further characteristics  
Response sensitivity  
Optical part In accordance with EN 54-7
Thermal maximum part > 54°C / > 69°C
Thermal differential part: A2S / A2R / A1 / A1R / BS /
FAH-425-T-R BR, in line with EN 54‑5
Thermal differential part: A2S / A2R / BS / BR, in line
•  FAP-425-DOTC-R, with EN 54-5 (programmable)
Gas sensor In ppm range
Individual display LED red and green
Color code  
•  FAP-425-O-R, No marking



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